Government & International Affairs

Hi – I’m Robert Schuett, Chair of the Austrian Political Science Association (ÖGPW)

Representing a community of 500 political science professionals

Bridging theory and practice

My focus is on open society ideas and great power politics

For 20 years, I’ve engaged in scholarly and government (national security) work.

My latest article, «Intelligence in International Society: An English School perspective on the Five Eyes», in Global Policy. Full list of publications here.

A recent episode of the Polemics [•Rec] podcast on that Intelligence theme is here:

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More Information

Diplomatic Academy

At DA Vienna, I teach courses on «Geopolitics» and «Transatlantic Relations», in addition to supervising graduate theses.

Salzburg University

I was awarded the Habilitation (venia docendi) by the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg in 2021. At PLUS, I teach courses in political and international relations theory.

Durham University

I did my PhD at Durham University, and I proudly serve the University and community as a longstanding «Honorary Fellow».

Hans Kelsen’s Political Realism (2021)

  • Challenges conventional views of Hans Kelsen and foreign-policy realism in International Relations theory

A totally unexpected Kelsen – Biographical. Philosophical. A light on our times.

George Soros, Founder, Open Society Foundations, New York

The Edinburgh Companion to Political Realism (2018)

  • The first reference work to explore the 2000-year history of political realism and reassess its place in today’s world

Contributors include Erica Benner, Samir Puri, John Bew, David Martin Jones, Lindsay Cohn, William Scheuerman, Neville Morley, Stuart Gray, Ayelet Haimson-Lushkov, Miles Hollingworth, Tim Spiekerman, Kody Cooper, Grace Roosevelt, Paul Kirkland, Robert Howse, Kenneth McIntyre, David Mayers, Douglas Klusmeyer, Joshua Cherniss, John Mueller, Uriel Abulof, Masa Okuyama, Peter Iver Kaufman, Cecelia Lynch, Tom Switzer, Richard Forno, Alex Wilner, Todd Breyfogle

The Concept of the State in International Relations: Philosophy, Sovereignty, and Cosmopolitanism (2015)

  • A critical reassessment of the concepts of the state and sovereignty in international relations theory

This superb collection ranges across historical, theoretical, and empirical land-scapes, providing challenging and incisive insights into key issues of our time. A first rate-book.

Michael C. Williams, Professor, University of Ottawa

Political Realism, Freud, and Human Nature in International Relations (2010)

  • Provides an important reappraisal of the concept of human nature in contemporary realist international-political theory 

This book makes an important contribution to the burgeoning literature that is
currently re-examining the essential characteristics of political realism.

Richard Little, Professor Emeritus, University of Bristol

The Diplomatic Academy Tennis Club, founded by the wonderful Viktoriya Teliha, is a whole lot of fun.

With very best wishes
Robert Schuett